• April 25 – 29, 2022
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Eliud & Associates (E & A) would be conducting a Five(5)-Day Workshop on Change Management at the ENGLISH POINT HOTEL, MOMBASA from Monday 25th April  – Friday 29th April 2012. The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to request your organization/institution to nominate  participants for the Workshop.


The overall objective of the training is to enable Managing Directors/CEO’s;Top and Middle Management; plus Supervisory Staff effectively  re-engineer and align the operations of their organizations to recent changes and emmerging issues in the operational environment,with specific reference to the impact of  the Corona/Covid-19 Pandemic.

In today’s world, all organizations are subjected to change in one way or another. For organizations, nearly all changes and emerging issues in their operational environments  have implications both on the organizations themselves and the people who work within them.

This course is designed to help Managing Directors/CEO’s;Top and Middle Management; plus Supervisory Staff  understand that change is continuously taking place in the operational environment;discern  what change is and why change is imperative;predict the possible impact of change both on the organization and  employees; understand people’s likely reaction to change; and subsequently deploy strategies to facilitate smooth transition whilst change is happening,where participants embrace and subsequently successfully implement change without causing a dis-equilibrium in the organization.


By the end of the workshop,the participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the current business environment and its major Challenges;
  • Discuss organizational transformation;
  • Understand the Characteristics of major changes taking place in the operational environment;
  • Understand “What is Change”? And “Why Change”?;
  • Understand the Structure and Process of Corporate Change;
  • Articulate the impact of Organizational Culture on Change;
  • Understand the need for Effective Leadership and Assertiveness in the Change Process;
  • Understand the need for Effective Communication in the Change Process;
  • Explain why Staff ordinarily resist Change;
  • Understand the steps required for successful introduction and management of Change;
  • Build staff confidence during the Change process;
  • Understand the Impact of the Corona/Covid-19 on their organizations;
  • Comprehend the Theories of Change;
  • Re-engineer and align the operations of their organizations to recent changes and emerging issues in the operational environment,with specific reference to management of the impact of the Corona/Covid-19 Pandemic.Embrace Teamwork for effective Management of Change;
  • Embrace Performance Management and continuous Productivity Improvement in the Change Process;
  • Understand and fully-embrace the Concept of Performance Contracting;
  • Understand the rationale for Self and Time Management in the Change Process;
  • Understand the Importance of Teamwork for successful introduction and  management of Change;
  • Develop Action Plans for Implementation with a View to Effectively Managing Change;the Impact of Corona/Covid-19; and Improving Overall Organizational Performance.


The Workshop is suitable for Managing Directors/CEO’s;Top and Middle Management; plus Supervisory Staff all who are responsible for introduction and effective management of change within organizations.



  • What is Change?
  • Why Change?
  • Organizational Culture and Change
  • Meaning and essence of Change
  • Organizations rituals and cultures.
  • The Structure and Process of Corporate Change
  • The 4-D model of Change in organizations

The nature of Change.

  • Why it happens
  • How it happens

What Changes are affecting organizations

  • Identification of past, current and future changes.
  • How this is affecting the business.
  • The impact of Change on people, products and services

Resistances/Acceptance of change

  • The barriers that affect people
  • Gauging the effect on individuals
  • What motivates acceptance.

Establishing empathy

  • The people factor
  • Identifying feelings and aptitudes

Effective  management of  Change within the Context of Corona/Covid-19

  • Overview and implications;
  • The Impact of the Corona/Covid-19 on the organization;
  • The Theories of Change;
  • Re-engineering and aligning the operations of the organization to recent changes and emerging issues in the operational environment,with specific reference to management of the impact of  the Corona/Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Roles of the Manager
  • Responsibilities of the individual employees.

The Role of Effective Communication in Change

  • What is Effective Communication?
  • Why Effective Communication?
  • Importance of Communication
  • Types of Communication
  • Elements of Communication
  • Choice of Medium of Communication
  • Communication Steps
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication

Leadership and for Change

  • Key strategies of leadership effectiveness
  • How to build and manage successful teams through group decision-       making
  • Management of conflict and political issues that influence instructional improvement
  • The process of Management accountability.
  • Qualities of a Team Leader
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Delegation with Authority

Assertiveness for Change

  • What is Assertiveness
  • Aggressive and Submissive behavior
  • Guidelines for Assertiveness
  • Assertive questioning
  • How to say “NO”,
  • Types of Assertive Responses
  • Assertiveness Techniques

Performance Management and continuous Productivity Improvement to facilitate Change

  • Performance Management Structure and Process
  • Managing for Results
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Appraisal Feedback
  • Counselling and Coaching
  • The Balance Scorecard Perfomance Management System
  • Consequences of Perfomance Management
  • Productivity Improvement

Performance Contracting for Change

  • What is Performance Contract (PC)?
  • Why Performance Contract – Objectives of PC and rationale for performance contracts in today’s business environment
  • Performance Contract at  corporate, functional and individual levels
  • Balanced Scorecard approach  and PC
  • Integrating organizational structure to process and systems
  • Need for performance measurement
  • Monitoring and Control of Perfomance Contracts
  • Significance attributes of Performance Contract
  • The Perfomance Contract Negotiation process
  • Focus of the contract and parties to the agreement
  • Levels of Perfomance Contract
  • Contents of Perfomance Contract
  • Benefits of Performance contract

Teamwork for Change

  • Defining a high Performance Team
  • Difference between a Team and a Group
  • Defining Team Goals and Responsibilities
  • Linking Team Performance to Corporate performance
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Dynamics of Team development
  • Team Functioning
  • Developing High-Performance teams
  • How to build a high involvement workforce
  • Team and Project problem solving
  • Monitoring Team performance
  • Behaviors which destroy Teamwork
  • Behaviors which should be rewarded in a Team

Time and Self Management for Change

  • Personal Planning and Effectiveness
  • What is Time?
  • Features of Time
  • Common Time Wasters
  • Indicators of Poor Time Management
  • How to Manage Time
  • Benefits of Good Time Management
  • Self Management

Planning Change in organizations

  • Choosing and implementing strategies.
  • Monitoring progress

Predicting future changes

  • Organisations don’t stand still
  • Planning for probabilities


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Changing Business Environment and how the changes in the Business Environment affect organizations thereby making internal Change necessary;
  • Determine the causes of Change within their organziation and their effects;
  • Predict the resistances that people will have and determine the reason why people should accept and welcome Change within the organization;
  • Determine the Strategies and Methods needed to ensure Change is implemented effectively;
  • Effectively Manage the Impact of Corona/Covid-19 within their organizations;
  • Understand the role of Effective Communication in successful implementation of Change;
  • Plan and implement Change in their organizations;
  • Align their Leadership and Management Style to the Change Programme;
  • Develop Competent, Team – oriented and committed employees;
  • Instill the right Corporate Culture within their organizations to enable employees embrace Change and support the successful implementation of the organization’s Strategic Plan;
  • Buid Staff Confidence in the process of implementing Change;
  • Appropriately manage Self and Time to support effective implementation of Change Programmes;
  • Understand the role of Perfomance Management and Productivity Improvement in effective Management of Change;and
  • Use practical real-world scenarios to resolve Challenegs and remove barriers to implementation of Change.

8.0 VENUE:



The deadline for nomination of participants will be WEDNESDAY 13TH APRIL,  2022.


Eliud & Associates (E & A) would charge professional/Training facilitation fees at the rate of Ksh. 232,000 (Two Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Shillings) per participant for the entire (5 days) course duration.(INCLUSIVE OF 16% V.A.T.)

The above fee covers the Facilitation, cost of hiring Training venue, Teas and Lunches for participants, training materials, hand- outs and certificates of participation.

However, the Fees EXCLUDES transport to and from the training venue and accommodation arrangements. The participants, in liaison with their employers/sponsors, are therefore expected to make their own transport and accommodation arrangements.



Our effectiveness is based on the quality of our professional staff, most of which have held senior positions in management before moving into consultancy. A heavy emphasis is placed on expertise and experience, backed by excellent education and training. Our staff are graduates; have higher degrees and professional qualifications; have served in university faculties; are experts in their fields; are well-known authorities;  are encouraged to publish in their fields, and to play a part in professional associations.

The course would be facilitated by a multi-disciplinary team of consultants with a wealth of experience in Strategy and Change.

Eliud & Associates (E & A) looks forward to receiving participants for the workshop from your organization.

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